Monkey King Saison – New Holland Brewing

This summer we went on vacation again in Dewey Beach, DE.  When we arrived we were so happy to see they put in a new brewery right next to our house called the Dewey Beer Co.  And of course, they had an excellent saison brew I just couldn’t get enough of.

dewey brewery

Since getting back to Dallas I’ve been craving another great saison.  This weekend I decided to buy a six pack of Monkey King Saison from New Holland Brewing.  Hoping for that same taste I had in Dewey.

Monkey King Saison

To sum up, it was ok.  Maybe a 5 out 10.  Perhaps because it was in the bottle but it was way over carbonated.  I first poured it into a tulip glass but quickly had to change it to a goblet since it was basically a big glass of head.  Yes, the glass makes a difference.

I’m hoping I can find this beer on tap some day.  I’m willing to bet it will improve both the flavor and carbonation.


Still One of My Favorite Photos

It’s been 7 years now since I’ve taken this photo and it’s still one of my favorites.  It was taken during one of the few weddings I’ve done.  I just happened to turn around during the ceremony to see the flower girl making a break for it up the steps.  Of course I should have ran over to make sure she was ok but photographer in me took the photos instead.  Yes, she was ok.

Happy Holidays from the Rosenbergers

We had a lot of fun creating this year’s holiday cards which was inspired from a similar concept we saw on  It was a bit hard to do with low lighting and a high energy dog but it all came together at the end.  I used a Vintage Film filter in Photoshop to give it an aged look and added the photo to who printed the final product.

Here Comes Santa Clause…

Thought I’d start out our blog by posting a photo of my daughter on Santa’s lap.  What makes this photo so special is this was the first year she wanted to sit on Santa’s lap.  Granted she’s only 4 but of course it was a big deal for the 3 of us.  Yours truly took the photo.  No reason to spend $25 on a photo we weren’t sure we’d be happy with.