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Family First

My wife Kim and I currently live in Flower Mound, TX with our daughter, Sophia. We moved here from Pennsylvania in 2014 for an opportunity with a new start up, Lightbeam Health Solutions. Outside of work, we spend much of our time supporting our Sophia’s gymnastics at Texas Dreams while trying to keep up with our own fitness at Grapevine CrossFit. We are foodies so we have been enjoying all the great restaurants here in DFW. We love to travel and visit new places but our favorite vacation is typically near the ocean.

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Moving to TX was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make. Not only were we leaving our family, but our friends as well. Many of our friends go back to our early childhood and mean a great deal to us. While we have already made a lot of new great friends in TX, our friends from PA will always mean a lot to us.

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