Monkey King Saison – New Holland Brewing

This summer we went on vacation again in Dewey Beach, DE.  When we arrived we were so happy to see they put in a new brewery right next to our house called the Dewey Beer Co.  And of course, they had an excellent saison brew I just couldn’t get enough of.

dewey brewery

Since getting back to Dallas I’ve been craving another great saison.  This weekend I decided to buy a six pack of Monkey King Saison from New Holland Brewing.  Hoping for that same taste I had in Dewey.

Monkey King Saison

To sum up, it was ok.  Maybe a 5 out 10.  Perhaps because it was in the bottle but it was way over carbonated.  I first poured it into a tulip glass but quickly had to change it to a goblet since it was basically a big glass of head.  Yes, the glass makes a difference.

I’m hoping I can find this beer on tap some day.  I’m willing to bet it will improve both the flavor and carbonation.